the 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit


Welcome to the homepage of the 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit (2nd APWS) entitled: “Water Security and Water-related Disaster Challenges: Leadership and Commitment” to be held in conjunction with Technical Workshops and Exhibitions on 14th– 20th May 2013 at the International Convention and Exhibition Centre Commemorating His Majesty’s 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Thailand will host the 2nd APWS in collaboration with the APWF and supporting regional and international organizations. The primary themes of the 2nd APWS will be Water Security and Water-related Disaster Challenges: Leadership and Commitment.  Discussions on water security will further focus on three priority policy areas: Development, Shocks and Resilience, and Human Well-being. The Summit aims to present the Royal Initiatives of His Majesty the King of Thailand as best practices for sustainable water resources management; to promote active dialogues among regional leaders on water-related policy priorities and commitments; and to facilitate more effective regional cooperation in water security in Asia and the Pacific. It will provide Asia-Pacific leaders, stakeholders from all sectors dealing with various water-related problems, and the international community an opportunity to jointly explore water-related issues and challenges with concrete solutions.

The 2nd APWS is organized by the Royal Thai Government in collaboration with the Asia-Pacific Water Forum and its international and regional partners. The national host organizations of the 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit are the Office of the Prime Minister through the Office of the Water and Flood Management Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment through the Department of Water Resources.

Leaders and Water Security

Water resources are significant as a source of life and livelihood, a vector of pathogens, a potent force behind extreme events and natural disasters, and also as a mechanism for both conflict and potential cooperation among governments and communities. Leadership in water security is, therefore, of the utmost importance.  Securing water resources and their services for national economic and social development stability is one of the most important elements in the roles of national leaders and/or national agendas.

In the Asia-Pacific region, population growth coupled with industrialization and urbanization have resulted in an increasing demand for water, with serious destructive consequences: water shortages and pollution, water disputes and conflicts, impaired food production, water-related disasters, the loss of livelihood security, large-scale migration within and across borders, and increased economic and geopolitical tensions and instabilities. The negative impacts of climate change on freshwater supplies as well as on water-related ecosystems, and the potent manifestation of extreme climatic events, will only exacerbate the region’s water security, disaster risks, and vulnerabilities. Given pressing circumstances, the Asia-Pacific countries will require a broader understanding of water security and water-related disaster challenges.  A stronger leadership model is needed that provides a foundation for ideas and excellence,  while showing a clear commitment among national leaders to work in  solidarity to identify and adopt solutions to water-related disaster issues and challenges in the region.

The 2nd APWS has a major goal of bringing together leaders from the Asia-Pacific region to showcase their leadership in decision-making as well as excellence in practice and innovation; to discuss concrete results that have had substantial impacts, spanning from policy down to the grass root level; and to agree on joint priorities and define their commitments in preparation for future collaborative activities.

The 2nd Summit is a unique opportunity to promote an active dialogue among regional leaders in order to bring about more effective regional cooperation and coordination in water security and water-related disaster challenges in the Asia-Pacific. The 2nd APWS will provide Asia-Pacific leaders, stakeholders, and international organizations a forum to jointly seek solutions on water resources development and management for regional water security, as well as on disaster risk and vulnerability, with participation from public and private sectors, technical experts, academics, and civil society groups.

Objectives and Programme Outline

  1. Economic, Food and Water Security (organized by FAO and UNESCAP)
  2. Urban Water Security (organized by UN-HABITAT and PUB)
  3. Environmental Water Security (organized by IUCN)
  4. Household Water Security (organized by UNESCAP and ADB)
  5. Water Risks and Resilience (organized by ICHARM)
  6. IWRM Process for a Water Secure World (organized by UNESCO, GWP and NARBO)
  7. Water Related Disaster Challenges (organized by Office of the National Water and Flood Management Policy, Thailand)