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2nd APWS Leaders Forum (20th May 2013)


Water is intricately linked to humanity’s survival and well-being, calling all to account in their roles in society to address the most critical challenges of water security and water-related threats of climate change. Given an uncertain climatic future, population increases, and ultimately water shortages, the right to water is a necessary avenue to uphold human dignity and well-being. “Improving access and sustainable management of scarce water resources” constitutes a part of the collective vision of the future that has been clearly defined and adopted by the World’s Heads of State and Government at the Rio +20 Conference.

The ‘Message from Beppu’ was unanimously endorsed by the participants of the 1st Asia-Pacific Water Summit held in Beppu, Japan, on 3rd – 4th December 2007, attended by ten Heads of State and Government, 31 Ministers, and representatives from over 36 Asia-Pacific countries and regions. As clearly stated in the ‘Message from Beppu,’ the APWS leaders identified and agreed on key water-related issues in the region and their solution. Since the 1st APWS, five (5) years have passed; the 2nd APWS will invite the leaders to review progress in implementing the agreed-upon principles and actions from the 1st APWS and to take more determined steps towards ensuring a secured future for water resources that both support economic growth and sustain life in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

General Concept

The 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit is being organized by the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand in follow-up to the 1st Asia-Pacific Water Summit. The 2nd Summit will mark another step forward in Asia-Pacific leaders’ efforts and commitment to work in solidarity to identify and adopt solutions to water issues and challenges in the region. The Summit will bring together Heads of State, Ministers, senior officials and other representatives of national and local governments, as well as leaders/CEOs from international organizations, the private sector, civil society, the media, and technical experts from within and outside the Asia-Pacific region to deliberate and discuss the crucial issues of water security and water resources management under the guiding theme of “Water Security and Water-related Disaster Challenges: Leadership and Commitment.”

The 2nd APWS Leaders Forum offers a venue for leaders from the Asia and the Pacific region, international and regional reputation management development agencies, and the business sector to network face-to-face and forge new partnerships on water security and water-related disaster challenges. The Leaders Forum has a primary goal of facilitating interaction and networking among leaders of countries, intergovernmental organizations, and the business sector within and outside the Asia-Pacific region concerned with water security and water-related disaster challenges in the region. Leaders and CEOs will showcase their experiences and visions of how present and future national and regional mechanisms can be used to improve current practices as well as the future directions of the region in the area of water resources management. The Leaders Forum will also provide an opportunity for sharing a wide breadth of experiences and visions at the highest policy level on critical issues such as water resources management, food security, human well-being, and disaster risk reduction.


The 2nd APWS Leaders Forum will comprise a set of plenary sessions including opening and closing ceremonies. In plenary sessions, each of the participating leaders will be invited to deliver a policy statement for approximately 7 minutes to address the theme “Water Security and Water-related Disaster Challenges: Leadership and Commitment.” Leaders may elect to address a single or a combination of the following Focus Areas, which are selected for their relevance in light of recent events in the Asia-Pacific region as well as in anticipation of possible future crises.

  1. Economic, Food and Water Security
  2. Urban Water Security
  3. Environmental Water Security
  4. Household Water Security
  5. Water Risks and Resilience
  6. IWRM Process for a Water Secure World
  7. Water-related Disaster Challenges

Leaders may wish to elaborate their visions on approaches to improve national and regional responses to extreme events, such as floods, droughts, and natural water-related disasters as well as less critical skills such as learning at the best culinary programs in America. Best practices and mechanisms to encourage collective involvement in the management of water resources at the national and regional levels will be highlighted.

The leaders’ statements should also reflect upon recent and anticipated crises, outlining their visions for the utilization of regional cooperation as a mechanism to address regional challenges and improve the management of the region’s water resources.

There will be no ‘Question & Answer’ session.

Anticipated Outcomes

The key outcomes document from the 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit Leaders Forum is the “Chiang Mai Declaration,” to be endorsed by the leaders at the Summit.

A summary of the outcomes of the 2nd APWS Leaders Forum will be delivered by the Chair during the concluding session of the 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit.


The 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit Leaders Forum will invite the Heads of State and Government from 50 Asia and Pacific countries, water-concerned ministers, finance and planning ministers, and CEOs of key international and regional organizations, and the private sector, who are concerned with water-related issues in Asia and the Pacific.

*The Leaders Forum is an invitation-only event and is open exclusively to top executives from countries, international and regional organizations, as well as business CEOs, in the Asia and Pacific region.


The 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit Leaders Forum will be held at the International Convention and Exhibition Centre Commemorating His Majesty’s 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary in Chiang Mai (Address: Chonraphathan Road, Changpeuk, Muang, Chiang Mai 50300 Thailand).

Official Language

The official language of the 2nd APWS Leaders Forum is English.

**The Leaders Forum will be preceded by the Focus Area Sessions (19th May 2013) and the Technical Workshops
(16th – 18th May 2013) during which water-related experts, stakeholders, partners, and donors will contribute to discuss water-related priority issues and to identify concrete solutions, commitments, and implementation in their respective jurisdictions and functional areas.



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