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Technical Workshops (16th – 18th May 2013)

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Water systems are important sources of income and food for a large part of the world’s population, whose food and water supplies are now at risk. Water resources in the Asia-Pacific region are under enormous stress; and the ecosystems, people, and economic development that depend on these resources are facing an insecure future. Degradation of freshwater, surface and groundwater, resources is causing irreversible environmental effects, irreparable losses to the economy, human health concerns, and the need for costly investments to mitigate the damage as well as potential risks. The Technical Workshops of the 2nd APWS will provide platforms for the public engagement in collaborating and communication on science, technology, and governance aspects of water security and water-related disaster challenges in the Asia-Pacific region.

Objectives and Programme Outlines

The technical workshops aim to facilitate interaction among experts concerned with the science, policy, and management of different water body types. A series of technical discussions will focus on seven (7) sub-themes under the main theme “Water Security and Water-related Disaster Challenges: Leadership and Commitment” as follows:

  1. Economic, Food and Water Security (organized by FAO and UNESCAP)
  2. Urban Water Security (organized by UN-HABITAT and PUB)
  3. Environmental Water Security (organized by IUCN)
  4. Household Water Security (organized by UNESCAP and ADB)
  5. Water Risks and Resilience (organized by ICHARM)
  6. IWRM Process for a Water Secure World (organized by UNESCO, GWP and NARBO)
  7. Water Related Disaster Challenges (organized by Office of the National Water and Flood Management Policy, THAILAND)

Details of the Technical Workshops will soon be available on this website.

Expected Results

  1. An enhanced understanding by decision-makers, scientists, and the public to promote water science and technology, science-policy interaction, and to facilitate feedback on the status of water systems and their management;
  2. Sharing of ideas, information and knowledge by water science communities, practitioners, and policy-makers; and of best approaches to water resources management and governance, dealing with jointly identified socio-economic issues, including responding to emerging water-related disaster issues and identifying innovative solutions; and,
  3. An opportunity to address water security issues such as: water in green growth; water for urban development; rural water and ecosystem services; water sanitation; water risks and resilience; water-related disasters; and, Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) and/or Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM) for water security.


The 2nd APWS Technical Workshops will provide the opportunities for a wide range of participants to meet and discuss issues on water security and water-related disaster challenges. These include water resources stakeholders and the general public, ranging from water experts and scientists, researchers, decision-makers and practitioners, government officials, business and private sector representations, community groups and NGOs to students and youth. A number of knowledge sharing platforms and awareness raising activities/exhibitions on water resources management, water security, and water-related disaster response/management are provided.

A USD 300 registration fee per person will be charged  for attending the Technical Workshops of  the 2nd APWS  on 16 -18 May 2013 .   The registered participants will also be entitled to the following benefits:

1. Exhibition entry on 14 -20 May 2013.

2. One-day technical trip including transportation, lunch and 2 refreshment breaks on 19 May 2013 (details as specified in ->> Technical Visits

3. Welcome dinner and farewell dinner.

4. A luncheon and 2 refreshment breaks per day throughout the Technical workshop period, 16 -18 May 2013.

5. Technical workshop materials.

6. Satchel and souvenir.

7. Free transportation in planned routes., i.e. hotels-meeting venue; hotels-Chiang Mai city, etc.

Spouse :     Participants’ spouses are welcome to attend Welcome Dinner on 16 May 2013 and Farewell Dinner on 18 May 2013 as well as to join in  a Technical Visit on

19 May 2013 .  A  USD  100  fee per person will be charged for this purpose.

Modes of Payment

Two modes of payment are possible:

     1. Payment through swift /bank transfer

     2. On-site payment

1. To make the payment through bank transfer:

  • Please pay the registration fee through bank transfer as per the following details:

                Address :   Department of Water Resources

                                      180/3 Rama 6 Road, Samsennai

                                       Phayathai, Bangkok 10400

                Account No.  :   068-6-00570-8

                Account Name  :   Budget for International Meeting  Department

                                                     of Water Resources

               Swift Code/Bank Code     :  KRTHTHBK

                Bank  :   Krungthai Bank Ministry of Finance Branch

                Address of Bank  :  14 Soi Areesamphan Rama 6 Road,

                                                       Samsennai Phayathai, Bangkok 10400

Please note that after making bank transfer, you are kindly requested to fax the bank transfer slip to Fax. No. +66-2280-6374  or  e-mail address:      Receipt of the registration fee will be issued and can be collected at the registration counter at the meeting venue in the meeting dates upon your present of original bank transfer slip.

2. On-site payment

Payment  can be made at the registration counter at the meeting venue in the meeting dates in 9,000 Baht cash for workshop participants and  3,000 Baht for spouses to attend dinners and technical visit.

Details of payment options are also described in the participant’s registration form.


The 2nd APWS Technical Workshops will be held at the International Convention and Exhibition Centre Commemorating His Majesty’s 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary, Chiang Mai (Address: Chonraphathan Road, Changpeuk, Muang, Chiang Mai, 50300 Thailand).

Official Language

The official language of the 2nd APWS is English.

Lead Organizations

Asian Development Bank Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management
International Union for Conservation of Nature Network of Asian River Basin Organizations PUB, Singapore’s national water agency
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and
the Pacific
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization United Nations Human Settlements Programme

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